Kalutara Divisional secretariat - Targets Of Palnning Unit
  • Expansion of economic opportunities for income and employments.
  • Promotion in quality of livelihood of people in division.
  • Creation of good envirnment in division.
  • Strengthen in income of sustainable domestic unit.
  • Improvement of rural infra-structure facilities.

Kalutara Divisional secretariat - Objectives Of Palnning Unit

  • Sustainable development of domestic unit which is belongs to 82 Grama Niladhari division of division.
  • Improvement of rural infrastrueture.
  • Dicentra lization budget programme and Gamperaliya programme.
  • Achivement of physical and financial progress 100% under reginal development programme.
  • Updating and compleating of resarces profile prior ending of 2nd quarter of ever year.
  • Updating of data system which is belongs of division prior ending of 2nd quarter of every year. 

Kalutara Divisional secretariat - Activities Of Palnning Unit 

  • Supplying of facilities for development policies of Division.
  • Planning and implementation of reginal development programme.
  • Planning of infrestructure facilities and public utlization.
  • Supplying facilities for investments of private sector.
  • Promotion of social,cultural and investments.
  • Co-ordinating,supervising and reviewing progress of development programme.
  • Implementaion of dicentralization budget programme.
  • Implementation of Gamperaliya development programme.
  • Implementation of approved all the development programme under central Goverment provition.
  • Implementation of western provincial development programme.
  • Implementation of consolidated regianal development programme.
  • Implementation of national development programme by supervsing of president secretariat.
  • Updating of data for preventig diseses and identifying problems from grama niladharis division.
  • Purposes of human resarces management in Divisional secretariat Division.
  • Documentation,publishing,studing and promotion of survey in related data of development.
  • Helding and publishing of awareness programme for people.
  • Preparing of resources profile in leveling of Grama Niladhari Divisions.
  • Supplying for facilities for GramaShakthi Programme in Division.
  • Preparing of divisional development implementation plan
  • Implementationof rural economics develpment programme.
  • Helding of Divisional Co-ordinating commitee.
  • Helding of agriculture commitee.
  • Helding of progress review meeting.
  • Other development activities.

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covid 19

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